Sunday, May 11, 2014

You know you can't win..

I was once surprised by how twisted some social interactions can get. Now I just feel jaded. Being no angel I often go to certain get-togethers telling myself "now don't be an asshole" and at times find myself "out-assholed"

But the best is when you're invited into someone's home and given all the hospitality possible - on the surface - but you know the crap is just around the corner.

Being invited to someone's house and making nice - thinking I might get out without some shit. The hosts (and guests of honour) offer me food and I politely sit down to eat. Forty minutes so far and I haven't behaved like an asshole. Doing well so far.

Only for somebody to sweep in with "how about you guys stand back and let the guests of honour eat first!" and then a "relax, it's all just banter" when I respond.

I get paid good money to (sometimes) suffer fools and socially inept people in other walks of life. The payback is not enough for me to do it on weekends as well. I've come to realise that some people don't just like to get together - they thrive on social drama and fuss.

So never ask why I'm not at a function; if you don't get it then nobody can tell you and if you do get it, nobody needs to tell you.

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