Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tha Jacobin Impulse: NOW I know what I hate

This article is agony to read, both in its unnecessarily complex language and its misuse of words. But it does let me know what I hate - the idea that "we have it so well worked out that everyone who disagrees is an idiot, and must be made to agree or be destroyed"

"Make something worse — add Robespierre
The Jacobin impulse is to take the moral purpose and social understanding of one’s project to be so complete and all-encompassing, that no divergence from it is to be permitted and no restraint in action needs to be entertained. It is total politics–both in the ambit of its social reach and the means it is willing to employ. Adding the Jacobin impulse to any political project makes it (much) worse."

Perhaps I'm seeing it in the current government's approach to economics, but I am certainly seeing it in the politics of green and a little in the response to the latest federal budget.

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