Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The art of giving up: let it burn

Sometimes it just makes sense to simply pile up one particular set of dreams, set fire to them and put your effort where it will have an effect. It first happened in 1990 when I left a "good enough" job and a friend said "but that's giving up" - I suppose it was, but it was the right move.

"What good's a bridge to somewhere if you know you can't return? Strike a match, light it up, let it burn"

It reminds me of a buddy who said "Don't burn bridges behind you, blow them up! Going backwards is going the wrong way". I'm not sure I agree. It's gung-ho, but I left the bridge behind me when I left skydiving twelve years ago and I love having gone back to it. Perhaps the "let it burn" idea is just about not clinging to something that's not working - throwing good money in after bad.

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