Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Deserve got nothing to do with it"

I was recently scourged in a shouting match with someone close to me "all of the good things you've got; x,y,z etc - you don't deserve any one of them".

In context, it's probably the most hurtful thing I've had said to me in a long time but sometime you just have to roll with the punches.

That was a week or so ago, but I have mulled over on it and continue to get stuck on the scene in "The Wire". Gang people are killing others in cold blooded harshness and the character driving - Snoop - was taking Michael to a setup. Michael tested her out, talking about someone else who got capped and she retorted "it was his time, deserve got nothing to do with it."


Isn't that the truth? If deserve had anything to do with life, things'd be very different for many people. It's a roll of the dice - you're equally as likely to get what you deserve as to get what you do.

So, secure in my knowledge of the random allocation of life's favours and pains I can agree. I don't deserve the good things that I have. And the good news - I don't deserve the bad.

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