Friday, August 29, 2014

Grieving is weird shit

Mum's been dead a while now.

Approaching two months, I think. I cling to a few things - her speed dial is still on my main screen on the phone. And I'm still using her shopping bags.

For a while there, Mum was getting Coles home deliveries and for some reason they would send them to here in super super biodegradable bags. (I get why, I just don't care).

Oh alright. If it's a home delivery service then there's no real possibility of reuse of the bags, so for Coles to "stay cool" they needed to send out their home deliveries in single shot bags made, basically, of cornstarch.

So I have a pile of Mum's old bags and have been using them. They're falling apart as I do but wth. I was horrified to see that Sylv (sensibly) used one as a hanging garbage bag last week. I kept it to myself but how frail am I?

So I'll use these bags until they fall apart and I have to schlep groceries one by one to the car after a (predictable) catastrophic failure.

Grieving is weird shit.

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