Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Dear God, let representative democracy do its job"

I think this guy will be in prison one day.

But not before he barrels through our government like a human wrecking ball, causing an amazing amount of damage that will take a long time to emerge from.

I simply pray that the system of representative democracy does its thing. As a man, Clive Palmer has limited influence. He's the member for Fairfax. As a guy who controls a handful of senate votes he has some power.

But Australia voted three people into the senate: Jacqui Lambie, Glen Lazarus and Dio Wang. Somehow Palmer has co-opted Ricky Muir to the cause. These are all individuals and they will certainly be one timers (although for eight years). I hope that at some point they will drop away from him and serve Australia.

I'm not saying I agree with much of what - say - Jacqui Lambie is or does.

But on thing I know. You can only do the bidding of a deranged psychopath for just so long before it becomes an existential pain that you have to end. When the Palmer United Party folds, Australia will be better off.

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