Sunday, October 26, 2014

Far flung friends: Wine gave me this

In 2002, I was one year into a three year teaching contract which had a requirement that I was enrolled in a higher degree by research (more or less a PhD). Larry Lockshin was acting head of school which - at the time meant tidying up others' messes. I was one such mess - a person running out a contract with no research degree supervisor.

"I suppose if it makes the paperwork easier you can put my name against you as a supervisor. But I do wine research, so whatever you do needs to include wine in some way." From that (less than warm) start I worked pretty hard, seized a few opportunities (grateful to a clever guy name Cam Rungie), and did some research  - including wine. And have come to regard prof Lockshin as one of the five best bosses I've had.

I was in a stable of pretty good people, who I now consider to be far flung friends. When I announced on FB that I was running this blog for a few weeks I got this:
Damien Wilson Great initiative, Cullen! Will try my best to follow how this goes.

Best from Burgundy!

Andre Beaujanot is now a Vice President in a private University in Chile. Wade Jarvis is an Associate Professor in University of WA.
I'm a (part time) Drop Zone Bum that sometimes teaches in a University, and sometimes teaches wine courses. And sometimes I act as a chief investigator of a nationally funded research grant into Wine, Social Media, and Experiential Branding. 
And I have a few other great people I have met through wine. Klaus Kilov, Armando Maria Corsi, Steve Goodman.

I like wine. It has given me some good friends. Friends I hardly ever see, these days.

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