Thursday, October 16, 2014

Instant experts: The reason I love skydiving.

I run across "instant experts" far too often. I remember an episode of the Partridge Family where the lead male (a teenager in high school) was failing on his sex education and Reuben said "I'm a man of the world - if you want any help just ask" and the boy asked Reuben a whole bunch of advanced biology questions. Reuben couldn't help - didn't have the answers.

Sorry, perhaps I don't understand fertility biology
And it happens in most things I do:

"I was once a kid, I know how to do parenting"
"I went to school, so I know what it's like running a course of 400 students"
"I once owned a milk bar, I know all about marketing"

So you can see why I love skydiving. Nobody has ever said "I've stood on a tall building, skydiving would be easy".

Generally, if people are offering opinions in skydiving, they know what they're talking about. The "instant experts" are few, and generally nobody is listening.

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