Sunday, October 19, 2014

Woolies checkout lines six deep: Fail.

I'm not in a particular hurry today. Neither, apparently are Woolworths. I'm here at Marden and the lines are six deep. When they are that deep and I have some time I just sit back to see how long it take for them to open another checkout.

I think we're up to about ten minutes now and nobody who got on then end of either of these lines is through yet.

Op! One just opened up in front of me. Time to hustle.

Yep, I don't think I'll come back here much. They have no self service aisles and they're not snappy enough to make it up with people.

It's just as easy to to turn left to Coles Avenues as it is to turn right towards Woolies Marden when I leave my house.

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