Friday, November 28, 2014

Hello to my potential future employer

I'm dashing off a job application right now.

For the record I'm an adjunct lecturer in one of my roles, an external consultant academic in another, and a private contractor (skydive instructor) in a third. I'm not going behind any employer's back here.

Welcome. On my CV and Cover letter I made a whole bunch of points about why I would suit you and I addressed the six selection criteria you put forward. But really, if you want to find out what you're getting, a Google search on "Cullen Habel Adelaide" will give it to you, warts and all.

A ramble through this blog and my range of others (that you can get to from "View my complete profile" on the left) might show you more than you want but that's one of the things about me.

Very few secrets.

I hope you feel like you want to talk to me more.


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