Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hardware Wars: Masters is the same but different

I cut out a voucher I the last week of last year. I'd heard of a new entry to the hardware market here in little old Adelaide. In 2011 Woolworths had paid $430m for Masters Hardware and now we have one at the airport, next to Ikea. 

hardware is a pretty mature category. When I walk into Bunnings, Stratco or Mitre 10 I can find my way around.

So, to get me to try this new one, Woolies simply had to offer me cold hard cash.

I can spend $100 in one of those places without blinking. So it was worth the trip, to save a few bucks and check out the new player. And it was just like Stratco.

But they did have a better range of LED lighting. The same but better, I suppose. Still same enough that I'll not make the special trip too much.

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