Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The "total product" of a budget hotel

I've stayed in lovely hotels and I've also stayed in budget hotels. Hey - that alone is an example of why marketers shouldn't get too caught up on strictly profiling "our" customer. I suppose that's why Accor has a brand for each occasion.

Two days ago I was sleeping in a tent, three days ago a packing room floor. It's been that type of trip. So for some luxury and a hot shower I checked into a budget airport hotel.

And it's been a good example of the "total product" concept. The core benefit is "a bed for the night". People start to live in "actual product" when they say "at least it's clean" because there are no roaches.

Interestingly to me it was the "expected product" that surprised me. The lack of soft furnishings and design meant that the noise of other guests reverberated all around the floor I was staying on.

The Canadian girl's phone conversation in the hallway, the guy next door with his triple m top 100.

Oh and my pet hate of a shower rose I have to bend down for - taken to (literally) a new low.

Augmentations were few but hey - it's an $89 room. And all things considered, great value.

A miserable Australia day. Jumping got clouded out, some personal stuff back home, noisy hotel room. But an upside - fresh content for a blog post.

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