Thursday, February 5, 2015

Congratulations to Grant Burge

Grant Burge has won the entreprenuer's award. Build a business and sell it at a time of your choosing, and perhaps stay on as an employee.

Grant Burge is the first winery I came to know. The first you come to as you drive into the Barossa Valley, situated right on Jacob's Creek (yes it's a real creek) the winery is beautiful. It has a great personality, great cellar Doo and of course stunning wines. Grant was a member of a football club I managed the bar for, and in 1988 I went on a bus trip with the Norwood Football Club members to a great dinner at Grant Burge Wines. I've sat at a table with Grant on the odd AMCHAM lunch. He might just remember me.

So, Accolade has bought Grant Burge Wines. It's a common process in the maturing of a product category. Congratulations to Grant.

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