Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cool climate wine: More than I expected from a Pinot Gris

As I spoke to my bottle shop guy I admitted to being underwhelmed by Australian whites at the moment, so he accepted the challenge.

And this from the Mornington Peninsula has impressed me. I wasn't expecting much; the last Pinot Gris I had was oily and a little "meh".

It must be the cooler climate - the longer days allowing the fruit to ripen and sweeten but not boil quite so much. This is fresh, even on the nose, and I can taste some real fruit at the front end. A minute after swallowing, I still have flavour sensations - good ones. I don't know a heap about wine but I call that a good sign. This is nice

And a shout out to my other cool climate winemaker buddy, Paul Smart of Pressing Matters. Another cool climate product that impressed the hell out of me.

No wonder they persist in Central Otago.

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