Friday, February 27, 2015

"Would you like a free bag"

I wrote some time ago about "Green Tape: Results and Resentments". While I don't want to weigh in on the environmental discussion I will talk about marketing. So, when a person looks at a bag they paid money for, hanging full of last night's fish bones, they see a brand.

For sure you don't want the thoughts there to be "those "******" charged me 15c to have their name here, and in little old SA we're the only suckers who do that.

I bought some things today. At Myer I just got a bag. At Target I was asked "would you like a free bag for that".

It's unfortunate for the supermarkets that they're caught in this. I don't have the answer - thin supermarket bags were a problem.

Now thick 15c supermarket bags present some other sort of problem, just to supermarkets and less so the environment.

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