Sunday, April 19, 2015

Adelaide Pubs Closing: No shit, Sherlock

How's this for the biggest non surprise ever? The Adelaide City Council have been undermining their ratepayers for years now in it's efforts to build an "edgy, vibrant city centre"

Sure, they have to try new stuff but a multimillion dollar popup like the Adelaide Croquet club was sure to hurt the local trade. In a way I'm sad to see the Stag go but when that happens I ask myself - "how often have I been there?" and and realise I couldn't have loved it that much. As it was with John Martin's.


  1. Closing some shops may or may not hurt the local market and economy. There is always a good reason that these go. I believe that if a company does not reinvent itself, then, it may not be profitable for the market. That is why in the self storage industry, it is always good to offer new services like mobile pods and mobile storage and improve servicing clients. Otherwise, competition will always beat you.

  2. I agree. It's an evolution - some things change form and the older things die. It's the satisfying of the customer needs that keeps you in business. Sometimes those needs change, and sometimes there are better ways to satisfy the same need.