Friday, April 24, 2015

Jetstar: Randomness is the enemy of service delivery

From Friday April 23

One of the major challenges in running a service business is variability. Sure, peaks and troughs in demand are a problem, but variations in the product you provide cause real concerns for customers.

I have taken a skydiving rig on Jetstar before. It's not a safety issue. It's packed pretty densely and weighs 9kg. This time I was asked to put it on the scales just to tag it and was told that its 2kg too heavy.

What a pain. Removing a canopy from a skydiving rig and stashing it into my checked baggage - in the airport. Still, all that done I return to the desk where they reweigh my checked baggage (and hit me for $30) but don't weigh or tag my carry on baggage.

So in order to reduce the problem of variability a service company should think about people and processes. But then getting processes to work becomes an HR and system design thing.

So I have the pleasure of reassembling my rig tonight and also the flight is gonna be late into Sydney - that might cost me $400.

I'm not liking the sound of this Jetstar.

UPDATE: Last night I came back from Sydney with the rig as carry on with no qualms. And all the other passengers were carrying 15kilo bags. Variability, go figure.

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