Monday, April 13, 2015

Kent Town Hotel just failed at Servicescape

It's amazing how hard an owner can try to make a great service experience and just the smallest things can blow it. No place seems to have struggled to find its soul more than the Kent Town Hotel. They've tried to be a golfing pub with an indoor driving range and upstairs putting greens. No success. Now they're using this huge, expensive real estate to be your "warm local craft beer pub" and I was happy to try.

I've been here a few times. After a fairly solid day if doing other people's stuff I was looking for a "third place" and stopped in for a beer on my way home.

I parked downstairs and entered to a room that instantly made me think I'd like to have my birthday here in August. Up the stairs and it seemed promising - that cool idea of peanuts in shell, with a few tiny bowls for your scraps.
After waiting a little while to get served, the next remark I got from the staff was to confirm that I was using my scraps bowl properly.

Yeh right. I think I'll just go somewhere else. A nice thought, but if you're gonna put peanuts in shell out there, you're gonnawanna be cool about a few crumbs. Sorry about my crumbs. Me and my crumbs will find somewhere else to be. From now onwards.

The person who thought the idea of servicescape conceived it as being made up of design factors, ambient factors and social factors. The Kent Town Hotel has done the first two very well, but the social factors just fell down. I'm in a PUB ffs!
I'm not angry, but as a consumer I have the choice where I spend my money. And the Kent Town Hotel just made it easier for me.

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