Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vili's driver is a bad brand ambassador

You know the day. You have things to do and everyone else on the road is simply getting in your way. I've had it many times.

But it wasn't my day for that today. Apparently it was for a driver in a Vili's van who came up behind me with all sorts of gesticulations and horn honking, and then overtook. With a little dodging and weaving he ended up one car in front of me at the next set of lights.

And just as everyone is a mystery shopper, every person with a phone and a blog might be a piece of marketing communication. Every employee wearing a company shirt or driving a company's vehicle is a piece of advertising.

As I expected, my taking the photgraph inflamed things. A few lights along I let him know that it was going on this blog and his response (with expletives omitted) was "who cares, who reads those things anyway?".

Yep, he's right. This post will probably only get about 60 page impressions over the next ten years, and its only one post. Social media is not an advertising powerhouse. But I have my own grumpy days and I'm sometimes pretty glad that I'm not in a car with anyone's brand on it.

I'm not really cranky about this, but it seems the Vili's name is hairing around town like an eighteen year old in his daddy's car. That's some brand representation I wouldn't want.

UPDATE: I got well more than the 60 hits I thought I'd get after a day. I'm not chasing pageviews but a few people have said "Yeh I know that dude". Who would have guessed?

UPDATE: I think the best comment I got was on my FB page: "Freezy Fly essssooo leave the poor dude alone he is driving a car for minimum wage!! he doesn't skydive his life is already horrible why make it worse"and I think Freezy is right. These are minor issues in life.

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