Sunday, June 21, 2015

Love is about letting go but the price...

It's all cool until something goes horribly wrong.

I have often (arrogantly) stated that you never know fear until you become a parent. Especially the way I do it.

My mum used to call her method "healthy neglect" and I do the same. Perhaps it's a cop out for me still doing a lot of my own stuff, but mum could surely boast three kids who are successful in their own ways and can take care of themselves.

Mum never signed a contract to trade her life for ours. We never had a villain pointing a gun at us saying "which one?" - thank God. Mum never had to say "take me". She chose to live big. She burnt the candle at both ends and it finished her early.

There is no greater courage than allowing your loved ones to make their own way, with their success or failure totally their own responsibility.

But I see the scary possibilities. Just then Mrs Redway was found alive after two nights lost in the scrub. They argued about the way back and she and Mr Redway started walking in separate directions. He appeared to have been right. Cold comfort but she's safe now.

Sometimes when a loved one says "you're an idiot, I'm doing it my way" there is nothing to do. Except breathe, trust in them and pray.

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  1. So true. This would be me, walking the wrong direction in the scrub. Being sure I was right, but being wrong.