Sunday, June 14, 2015

The economy: I feel a rumble of change

I've been through a bunch of economic recoveries. The first crash I had to deal with was the aftermath of the '87 stockmarket crash. I'd just made the ill fated decision to leave secure government/contractor employment with the Department of Defence and try my hand at being a sales rep. 1989/90 was 18 months of agony in an atrophying economy; a business owner who didn't understand what was happening to him and a sales manager who was happy enough to throw me under the bus. Where are you now, Neville Woodcock and Chris Levingston? Doing fine, I expect.

So I clawed myself out of that morass working as a bar manager for the great Norwood Football Club and then as a store manager for the not so great Betts and Betts. And as with all upheavals it seemed I was gonna be selling shoes for the rest of my life.

But it's always darkest - and coldest - before the dawn. About 1992 I moved back into some sort of a sales rep job and landed with the mighty Sealed Air/Cryovac in 1993.

I've been amongst a few economic resurgences since then and it always seems the same. Doom and gloom in the press and in politics, and then good people who've been doing it tough start to get nice jobs. They can't even believe it. More people start going out for dinner, or taking overseas trips.

I'm seeing it all. My great brother in law is working in a really neat job. My lovely sister is taking a trip to the UK next month.

These are the green shoots of recovery. Don't wait for the press to tell you that times are good, because the go-getters are already going in and getting. Get in and have a go now.

And if you feel trapped - don't give up. Keep earning an honest wage and trying for new stuff. You'll break that brick wall down more quickly than you imagine.