Sunday, July 5, 2015

At home, you're still a nobody

No truer words spoken. I was at a mass today - I'm not Catholic but many of my family are.

A special occasion - a one year memorial for Mum's death. Sylvia wanted to do it and i was happy to go.

The gospel was interesting. Jesus went back to preach at Nazareth, his home town. Story has it that just the week before he'd cured a woman of disease and raised another from the dead.

Yet in the Synagogue in his home town they were saying "who the hell is he?".

And so, it doesn't matter how many goals you kick outside the house, inside your own home you'll always be considered a dick.

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  1. This is a rather sad way to look at the gospel I think. I feel I might be that way with some friends and relatives though. No matter how successful my self storage facility is or how many units or mobile pods I rent out, it's never good enough for them.