Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Career advice to a marketing student

I get nervous giving advice. Who the hell am I to tell people what to do? I'm not a case study in building a successful career. But I have watched certain things work, and I believe a few things are necessary conditions. Entry points.

Hi, I'm doing the marketing course and i was wondering about what kind of classes should i do to get a job in advertisement?

And my response:

Hi. Big question. Too big for me to answer here. Most importantly: 
  • View everything you see in life through a marketing lens
  • Be curious about everything and keep investigating until you have an answer that satisfies you
  • Have some public presence that shows you are doing the two things I mentioned above. Perhaps write a blog such as http://cullenofadelaid.blogspot.com.au/
  • Take opportunities to do interesting things whenever they present – even if it doesn’t look like it will pay
  • Be prepared for things to not work. Water runs downhill, and when it meets an obstacle it finds a way around it. So too it should be with your career plan.

I don’t have a magic formula of things to study that’ll get you into advertising and marketing, but the things above will start to get you near the playing field.


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  1. Sage advice. I like it. A big picture comment, rather than just a 2 + 2 may equal 4 type comment, in which case you could be wrong if in their case it was 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4.