Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dead flowers: Revenge served cold

My kids hate this song. It was about four years ago when i was having some people problems that I used this song as an anthem. My kids got sick of hearing it. In the car, on the guitar - too often. On repeat - too much.

I used it to cling to sanity. And I still like the message. The people who have caused me my biggest problems have a good life. And I think they always will.

I can't expect Karma to do the work to make the world right. The world is just not fair.
But just as when you're playing in a footy team that is getting beaten by 50 goals, all you can do is play your own position. Make sure that your player gets as few kicks as possible.

So in life, my job is to not make the world a worse place. I watch a business take in young, enthusiastic, intelligent and impressionable people and within three years convert them to self serving and amoral.

There was a time where I believed I could tread that path. But I got squeamish - I couldn't handle destroying innocent people just because they didn't suit my plans. There is such a thing as right and wrong. I still managed to do many things I regret before I woke up to myself.

But back to dead flowers. With my problem people - they may continue to serve me trouble and my job is to simply deal with it. One day I might be putting roses on their grave - or vice versa - but life is way too short to climb to the top over bleeding bodies.

But my problem people? I manage to avoid them. They have a good life, and so do I. I certainly wish bad things for many of them, but I refuse to dwell on it. Life will be whatever it is.

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