Sunday, July 5, 2015

Domestic violence - some facts

I put this up on Facebook, but immediately took it down. I wasn't trying to force an opinion on anyone. But I was interested, given Phil Hughes recently being killed by his son, what the numbers really are. And the prevailing picture of women being disproportionately murdered by their husbands is real.

50:50 would be the natural fall - proportionate
100:0 would be it's always the man killing the woman

And the number is... 73:27

I didn't need the FB fight. But here's what the post would've looked like:

Interesting. The gender split on "intimate partner homicides" is real, but not as wide as I thought. It's not 100% of time the man kills the woman, more like 70% which is still very real. And men are over represented in total homicides 366-175.

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