Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loves your bum...

This has got some momentum. I don't know when they first started saying "Quilton loves your bum" but it's clever.

Early in my life studying marketing i would often quip:

"I don't care - I'd even sell toilet paper if it meant I could be doing marketing"

There's someone here who clearly went through with that.

So that's the personality of the Quilton brand - loves your bum. As good a personality as any.

So, a clever ad creative probably came up with that, but it's the marketing manager who keeps the personality alive. So, when they make a minor packaging change (continuous innovation) they call it a "love handle". A product contribution to the brand personality.

And a question to you. How well would this personality transfer to countries outside of Australia? Which countries, perhaps. Segments within other countries?

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  1. This also gave me a bit of a laugh when I was driving around Adelaide, check out self storage competition (some sort of business intelligence). Some clever marketing that is easy to remember. We should have the same kind of ‘pizzazz’ in our marketing campaigns to have some kind of memory imprint.