Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pay up on this year's stupid tax, Cullen

Every year I get to pay up for some stupid things I've done. A few years ago I ignored a water leak and a car engine running hot. Tax = $5000 new engine.

I had never had ambulance cover then a life threatening accident at Murray Bridge. $1500 stupid tax.

Recently I listened to a car salesperson who told me a new vehicle was nearly off the boat and acted decisively in signing a contract. Even after six weeks of delays I still deposited $15000 into the dealer's account.

When will I learn? I could've just not signed six weeks ago. What, on the hearsay of a salesperson?

Walking around with $15,000 of cash in the last week of the financial year gives me way more options than waiting for their most recent dubious promise of a delivery date.

I don't think I'll ever buy a Holden again. I like the dealer - it's a shame they have the word "Holden" in their name.