Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Professional Victim" comment - not for Facebook

Posting these things on FB gets too noisy. I have become weary of how quickly we are to take offense, or to blame racism, sexism, ageism or some other external factor for the fact that we simply sucked at something, even if briefly.

I'm getting a taste of the downside of age related preferential treatment in one of the things I do, but for now I haven't woven it into my life story or sense of self. Still, if I'd had years of gender based downside, I might. Don't know.

The FB post I didn't make:

"Bronwyn Bishop should lose her spot as speaker. But whatever happens she'll go through the wringer. I'll be interested to see whether she trots out the whole "no man in this position would have to go through what I did". I doubt she will, because whatever she may be, she's not a professional victim."

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