Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Will "Holden" be able to keep their brand alive?

I decided to move on from my old Barina. It's ten years old and the car has been great. So good, in fact, that as soon as I knew one was on the water I put the deposit down for a delivery they told me would be before the end of May.

I see, now, that I am dealing with a local sales agent of the US giant General Motors. One of Holden's biggest challenges will be to retain some goodwill for the brand now that (understandably) they can't be manufacturing here in Australia.

Now they are playing exactly the same game as Volkswagen, Honda and the other 58 or so. They are assembling vehicles overseas and importing them here to Australia. Their total value creation is about moving vehicles - on time, in full and error free.  

I'll come back to you and tell you how they went for me.

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