Sunday, September 27, 2015

Copperhead Road: Transferrable Skills and Survival

The song once struck me as the ultimate cool. As a rollicking Bluegrass ballad, "Copperhead Road" came to me at that angry young man stage where danger and illegality were cool.

And the latest tough guy stories were from guys who'd just come back from the jungles of Vietnam.
His story of third generation "white trash" brought up on stories of grandparent moonshine runners resonated with me, even though I have no similar history.

With great respect to my dozens of (North and South) Vietnamese friends, Steve Earle nails it when he speaks of setting booby traps along his newly acquired drug plantation:

"I learned a coupla things from Charlie dontcha know, you'd better stay away from Copperhead Road"

I know that stuff still happens but for me I'll just listen to cool songs and skydive on the weekends.

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