Thursday, September 17, 2015

In awe of the people that work for me


Fate has it that now I have some people working for me. Fate will also have it that one day I might be working for them. My Lion and the Mouse post speaks to that. But for today I can get to be the boss.

And I am in awe of my two teams. Zubair, Kechen and Megan are covering an area they know way better than me and with brilliant efficiency and teamwork. They come to me with solutions and I get to say "yes". I get to look like I run a tight show.

In another domain, Ged, Dezri, Long, Kechen and Josh are covering an area that I know well but dealing with day-to-day stuff that I simply can't get to. They do, and I cover a few exceptions. I get to look like I run a tight show.

I might not get to manage people again for a while and that's cool. Managing myself is quite a task and some say I'm not so good at even that.

But semester 2 is looking like a time where I can say "gee, I had good people then".

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  1. I love this. Such a positive post. I love to see when Bosses appreciate the people that work for/with them. I try to do this as much as I can. I assume you tell them this in person too. Nice one.