Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not happy where you are? Start trying to move.

I have spent over 30 years in the workforce now. Much of that time has been totally rewarding - working with people who know more than me, learning a lot, and being treated with respect.

And in some cases, even the best of things gets old. Either I change, the place changes, I lose respect for the players, or they lose patience with me. Many things.

But when I meet people who tell me they're unhappy in their work my answer is always the same. Start applying in other places. For me the result has always been positive - although it does involve dealing with the unknown.

When you start applying for jobs elsewhere it can go a few ways:
  • You might win a new job and move.
  • You might realise nobody wants you with your current skill set.
  • You might see that what you have is really pretty good.
  • Your current employer might find out, and sack you.

I've had all of the above. Each more than once. And it has always worked out for the best.
So if you're not happy, don't waste another day. Start applying. Today.

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