Friday, September 4, 2015

When is a customer not a customer?

No - I've never bought a Beaumont tile. So no - I shouldn't be parking here. Soz.

But the line becomes a little more blurry when you think about it a little more. I needed to park in the Norwood Garden Centre so I could expeditiously pick my boy up from school and bought a $30 Crepe Myrtle for the privilege. When i told them they were all "you didn't need to do that, you've been here before".

So where do we sit here?. I can't inflate my tyres at your servo because I didn't buy petrol just then?

The whole "customers only" thing is a big question. Sure it's open to abuse, but one of the branches of marketing that I've studied says "everyone's a customer" - nobody has a zero probability of buying.

But the best was the Royal Hotel in Adelaide who had a bouncer walking their carpark on a Friday morning. He spoke to me and we agreed that buying a beer a week ago didn't let me get a day's parking.

Perhaps that's what marketing is about. Talking to the customer - even the infrequent one - and relationships.

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