Monday, December 21, 2015

God give me the strength to be nice

As I get to the end of the year I have some more time to reflect on some of the people around me. But first I"ll reflect on my own challenges earlier this year.

I went to one of the great drop zones of the world to attempt the Australian record big way skydive. That was May and it feels like a lifetime ago. I still carry the emotional scars and the exuberance.

As with all my attempts to get some skills on this I was thwarted by the weather. I was way undercooked when it was time to go for the record.

On the day of the first cut I was so so pleased to be given a position in the base of the formation. It was not a glory slot but man I knew that I was underdone. The organisers threw me a bone and kept me in the game. And I got the Australian record with 118 of my friends. Many great skydivers did not get the mercy I was shown and were cut during the record attempt.

So as the world turns and I become responsible for judging the performance of others I get frustrated quite easily.

I feel like saying "don't you know how bad you are!? I'm doing you a favour by letting you have this [mark position score place]"

When confronted by a person who is oblivious to their own level of performance it's all I can do not to scream. But then, as the people I trust continue to tell me:

"it's not what you're saying Cullen it is how you're saying it"

So I say a little prayer.

"God give me the strength to be nice"

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