Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why reinvent the wheel that Google just created?

I work with universities and TAFE colleges quite often. They are always trying to create fancy learning systems for online.

They tried to build video capture and discussion board and blogs all within their own platform. It must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have been involved in what they call blended learning since about 2003, I have progressed from recording WMV files of lectures and emailing them to students out to doing YouTube face to face feedback on student assignments.

Everytime I have created some manual system about a year later Google has fully automated it and made it better.

A Blog a website a video diary all of these things are really easily managed by using Google or sometimes Microsoft.

I know if you've spent thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars employing developers encoders then you need to hold on to that resource.

But clever business is everywhere are using the technology that is available to them. Guess which ones are likely to survive in the next decade?

18 Point

A case in Point. Every word of this blog post was recorded using Google voice recognition.

Notwithstanding the minor bug about that pretty darn good.

Um that minor bug above. Clearly some proofreading still required.


  1. Hi Colin I love to see universities eating Alain business model my Hogwood a favor Farelina and I Jallen able to implement all these quick technologies outside so much money

  2. Hi Cullen,

    I would love to see universities using a lean business model. How good would it be for a lean and agile uni to implement all these quick technologies and save so much money.



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