Friday, January 29, 2016

Saying no: A new survival skill

I can't believe that my New Year's resolution is to say no a little more often.

From the first days of me trying to get employed I've always been trying to get other people to say yes to having me work for them. But it seems now there are many people asking me to work for them.

I've been counting on that Australian age demographic bulge to work in my favour for about 20 years. It's only now that I seem to be a little in demand as other people are slowing down or retiring.

But I made a pig of myself last year. I said yes to everybody - got half way through, was in huge trouble and continued to say yes. I didn't perform at my best and it was clearly obvious. When the blame game starts you have to eat the shit sandwiches that you prepared for yourself and I'm still munching furiously.

A very capable older guy - sort of a mentor at the time - had once said a couple of things about saying no:

When you are capable you have to say no fairly often
Your quality of life can be measured by the quality of the things you say no to.

I have one major client and a number of peripheral ones. I think this year maybe time for focus and that means saying know a little more often.

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