Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Service is part of why I paid twice the price

I have bought so many bikes in my life that I shudder to think how much money I've wasted. At least from my position as a non fanatic.

And many of those bikes I have bought as cheap Kmart bikes in a box that I need to assemble for myself.

It's fine - nice and shiny on the first day but I have another thing - I hate repairing bikes.

So for last Christmas instead of spending $100 I spent $200 and bought from a bike retailer. I presume that the bike would be better quality and I told them at the time that I was doing this so that I would not feel embarrassed about asking them to service the bike later on.

Imagine my surprise when a month later there was a minor mechanical issue - something I can fix myself - and I took the bike back to the retailer.

When I was met with "on no I don't think we'll have that part" I hit the roof.

My words were something like:

"So here's the thing. The bike is 1 month old. I bought it from you rather than paying half the price at Kmart because I was counting on the after sales service"

The sales guy then begin to try a little harder to help but it was still a fairly unsatisfying experience. If I need someone to scratch themselves, look at it, and say "oh I think it should be too hard" I can do that myself and save 100 bucks.

Now I know how Grumpy Old Men get that way.


I got a call four hours later saying the bike is fixed and ready to go. Good news.

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