Friday, March 4, 2016

Famiglia, Quality of life, Balance

Today is a perfect day in some ways. Backed in with over 25 years of just  "being".

  • I have a peach tree that sprouted next to my driveway about five years ago
  • I (25 years ago) married into an Italian Family that have a great many stories and - sadly - lost loved grandparents
  • I like gardening
  • My father in law's father loved his peaches and at the perfect time of year they were firm, but sweet.
  • I grafted a cutting from my late "grandfather in law's" favourite tree to the wild rootstock next to my driveway
  • Today they ripened
  • Tonight I needed to pick my daughter up from work at Norwood at 9.45 but I knew my father in law would be at home and happy enough to see me if I came,
  • The Masciantonio house is a nexus.
  • We got to share peaches in wine. Something that Guiseppe loved - and something I was looking forward to.
  • And when I turned up with peaches, without any prompting that's exactly what Luigi started to do.

A perfect day.