Wednesday, March 2, 2016

From the vault: Beware being the "fixer"

I posted this almost six years ago - 24/7/2010. No particular reason for posting it right now - just feeding the hungry beast.

Winston Wolf, the character from Pulp Fiction who was called in to get the boys out of hostile territory after they spattered a car throughout with Marvin's brains.


He was the fixer. I like the character - "you've got a corpse, in a car, minus a head, in a garage. Take me to it"

But it comes with a price:

  1. Fix problems before they become problems and nobody thanks you, or even knows that you did anything.
  2. Make it look easy and everyone thinks it's easy.
  3. When you're up to your elbows in crap and digging your way out, bosses are likely to think you created the crap. Furthermore, the creators of the crap are just as happy to let it seem that way, or don't even see that it's down to them.

But I don't think I'd have it any other way. At the end of all this - career, life, friendship, job - I need to believe that I was always me. And the me I want to be is the guy who just puts in an honest effort, doesn't grandstand, and lives or dies on his own terms.

I have to work with people I don't trust, doing things I often don't enjoy, in the near certainty that I will get shafted one day. But the only person I need to impress is myself, and I'm the only one who sees my whole picture. So "fixer" is dangerous, but it suits me.

End rant
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