Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hooray I might get back to two rigs soon

Staying in the air as a skydiver involves a little organisation. One needs to keep their gear up to date and one of those pieces of gear is an aad.

An aad is an automatic activation device, and pulls your reserve if you can't.

I bought one last June but doggone it the aad was given a recall in October. One does not simply ignore a safety recall like that. I have minor annoyance at such an expensive piece of equipment going through a recall process but boy did they manage it well once I got to it.

So with my second rig out of action and plenty of dithering on my part I should have this new cutter installed, my relined main canopy back, and my second ring in the sky soon.

Quality of life is measured by how "first world" your problems are. I am in no way complaining.

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