Sunday, April 24, 2016

My best ever ANZAC day

A year ago for me it was sacrilege.

No dawn service, no march. I simply woke up at the Sydney skydivers drop zone and waited to start a training camp with my skydiving buddies.

We were a few weeks out from an Australian record attempt and I had the Eye of the Tiger. I felt that I was disrespecting something I believe in but - as I said - I had the Eye of the Tiger.

How surprised was I before we began any of the skydiving activities every person stood fast and made a solemn declaration of respect for those who served. My great friend Richard - a serving officer - spoke a few words and there were many tears around the ring of people. Americans, [Aussies], Chinese, all. And then we got on and jumped.

I have been to dawn services, I have marched as a cadet with diggers, I have walked Kokoda twice, and one day I hope to go to Lone Pine. But in a strange way Anzac Day 2015 was really, really special.

They shall not grow old, as those that are left grow old.

My thanks to those - then and now - who serve.

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