Monday, October 17, 2016

Does my preference for low noise shopping make me racist?

I have come to think that it may be a sign of my life that I like low nose environments. I make a buck by interacting and communicating ( essentially matching wits) with some very intelligent highly educated people. It's a great way to earn a buck.

But in my down time I really prefer low noise environments. Some clever retailers are coming to think of that.

Skip to yesterday afternoon in my local supermarket. It was reasonably busy but what made it worse was a gentleman who had his phone in his hand on hands-free having a particularily loud conversation. I could hear both sides of the conversation very clearly and no matter where I was in the supermarket the guy seemed to follow me. It was driving me crazy.

I kept my thoughts to myself and continue to try to avoid him.

The man also happened to be East Indian.

And there is one of my other problems. At times I will be irritated by certain behaviours. Sometimes those behaviours come from people who are ethically different to me. But I dare not make mention of my irritation because many people rush to the lowest common denominator and shout:

"You're a racist!"

The poor simple fools.

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