Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stupid hurts as always

I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy. I have lost 4 kilos 5 kilos in preparation for a bigway event that I really want to do well at. We are two weeks away from the start date and I did some jumps 2 days ago. Complacency can be a killer and hopefully in this case it's just been a minor (painful) inconvenience.

I have been doing high performance canopy landings with 90 degree turns pretty well for about 100 jumps. Last Sunday I had a lot of things on my mind and neglected to concentrate on the most important thing at landing time.

Hello my old friend pain. Fast landing caught the ground too hard. I know exactly what the injuries are all up my left-hand side. I know I need at least the two weeks I have of quietness to be relatively pain free for our bigway event.

The incident report is in, and I have two weeks of self imposed exile (time in the naughty chair) to think about my actions and their consequences. Whenever you see my "stupid hurts" t-shirt you can be sure I'm talking about myself.

When this sport bites, it bites hard. And it's almost always our own fault.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Flanders poppies by the side of the road

Clearly we're just at the end of the season but if I'm not mistaken these are Flanders poppies on the Langhorne Creek Wellington Road. That's pretty nice.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Red delicious yeah right

This is the ultimate confidence trick that I've had voice catch up on me since I was a kid. I heard a little while back that red delicious is an old variety. No wonder.

Clearly the standards for lower back in the days when red delicious was not an old variety.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An exercise in critical literacy

I got into a minor disagreement with somebody a little while ago about cooking pasta. They told me that the pot I had chosen was too large. I knew from somewhere back in my memory banks that it was important to cook pasta in a large pot but couldn't be bothered with the conversation.

This morning I had a few brain cells to spare, and Googled it. The answer came pretty quickly. It's the top on one list of common mistakes to avoid when cooking pasta.

I love the way that answers are quickly at hand. The only job now is to triangulate it. When I Googled "good to cook pasta in a small pot" I could find no articles that said it was good to cook pasta in a small pot. They all gave every reason why copious amounts of water is important.

And there is my little self education lesson of the day. The kids who are in the future and not the ones who can remember stuff but ones you can find it but not be Hoodwinked.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How do introverts feel about customer service?

Bubbly, friendly service. Yuk. Making small talk with checkout staff - yuk. Booking my plane ticket on the web - yay! Ordering pizza online for me to go and pick up - yay!

I may be special, but the fewer interactions I have when doing mundane things such as buying groceries - the better.

What do you think? I need the opinions of everyone - whether you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert. It's anonymous.

Tell me here..


Once I have enough responses I'll report what I found.