Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why Skydiving Helps

I have an unpredictable work situation at the moment. I often seem to be solving problems that I didn't create (some that I do) and everyone comes up smelling of roses. Then, I get asked to do the job again.

I suppose my passion in skydiving might help with coping with the uncertainty. Take for example the jump we did the other day. It was supposed to be quite simple. My two partners were supposed to take a linked exit out the plane, I would meet them, we would change the formation twice then track off and deploy. The reality was something different.

The exit funnels, I rebuild as a two way, the novice docks hard and falls through the middle. I follow the novice briefly but we run out of time and I track off with my mate for some fun. After deployment we play around under canopy for a while and then I perform a high-performance landing.

Totally not according to plan but still safe and fun and we all come out smelling of roses.

Perhaps that's why I keep getting asked to do some of the jobs I do as a day job. And if my current clients don't want me, then somebody else will.

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