Sunday, November 26, 2017

"Let the fools speak"

Sometimes the people of Australia impress the hell out of me. I like that there was a resounding vote of yes to marriage equality. The Australian people tend to make good decisions when they are given the choice. So I hate the shutting down of debate that I often see. In a very general sense we should let the fools speak and let the people decide.

Consider Queensland, the state that is sometimes the butt of jokes about being perhaps a little unintelligent. That state just destroyed the One Nation party and relegated Pauline Hanson to a fringe dweller. I think I like Pauline Hanson, however I disagree with most of what she says. But in this great country Pauline Hanson got to say what she wanted. And the Australian people got to say what they thought about that.

I don't think Pauline Hanson is a fool but I believe in the principle of "let the fools speak and let the people decide". I don't think Milo Yiannopoulos is a fool either, yet I am going to watch him speak and all I am going to watch the social dynamics that surround him. I just hope that next Friday night his function won't be shut down by protesters and I lose my money.

Or worse, that I end up on the TV screen being called a Neo-Nazi because I went along to look. Sometimes Australians disappoint me, and you can guarantee that if I'm getting jostled and abused, then I'll be feeling a little disappointed.

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