Sunday, December 24, 2017

I'm not asking your permission; I'm looking for your support.

Ever since I was a 17 year old hoping to join the Airforce I came to realise that the least compelling sell is "I really want this job and I want to work for you". Airforce, in particular had no shortage of fanboys wanting to dress up in the uniform.

Over 30 years later I have found it way more sensible to make sure that I know I can do the job and only apply if I really feel like I have something to offer. Then if the employer or my potential partner chooses against me then I really can tell myself that it is their loss. An get on with it anyway.

And so recently in my passion of skydiving I've simply decided to start running training camps for novice skydivers. I hire a nationally recognised coach and provide a compelling value for money training program. We have a great team spirit on each camp and everybody has fun. Welcome Flatskills Skydiving.

You are welcome to join in if you like. Here I am with Julian, a team member, and Tony - a mate who was talking about sponsorship - just then.

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