Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Festival of Circus Animals: Bow River

Circus Animals is the simple working class story about how life is hard, and can be fun. And so here is Ian Moss talking about how much he's been working to save enough money just to get back home. Wastin' my days on a factory floor.

Dreaming about the wind and the rain in the tropics - his special place.

"I don't want to see another engine line, too many years and I owe my mind the first set of wheels heading back to Bow River again."

We all have our Bow River and sometimes it's not a place.

The song starts with Mossy quietly contemplating escape, but by the end Jimmy is screaming about how is going through the door and going to tell the man he don't want no more. And actively looking forward to the release of pissing all your money up against the damn wall.

"Any time you want babe, you can come around. But don't leave it too late; you just might find me gone"

I simply had to include this live version. The guys were 100% in their prime. The chemistry and teamwork showed all the way through with Jimmy beginning on backing vocals and taking the lead with Ian slipping perfectly into backing vocals on the last verse. The blistering harmonica from South Australian David Blight makes this an explosive anthem for working class boy.

About the festival of circus animals
I was 15 years old when the "Circus Animals" album came out, but I only really started paying attention to it had about 18 as I entered the workforce. It was the fourth of about five studio (original) albums. It wasn't the only musical influence on my early adult life, but I did grow up and start working around the same sort of places as Jimmy Barnes did. As an 18 year old angry young man (aren't we all in some way?) this music was talking my language.

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