Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The festival of Circus Animals: Forever Now

A beautiful sensitive song written by Steve Prestwich: I hated this it its day. The song received so much radio play and it was so "pop music" that it drove me crazy. It grew on me as I grew up - and as I just listened to it then it makes me think of the old saying "if you love something set it free etc"

It sounds like a couple who just decided that they will no longer be together but they still part with some tenderness. Maybe I'm reading it wrong but I suppose that's what we do with art.

The elements of Australia is still there though; a huge country, getting on a plane, and in the film clip the dusty dryness outside a basic breakfast cafe that serves instant coffee with bacon and eggs.

The song was all part of the mix of Circus Animals; something has to pay the rent. This was the lead song of Circus Animals, and the film clip had a really nice "getting to know the band" feel about it. A reprise of the "Cheap Wine" vid from a few years before.

About the festival of circus animals
I was 15 years old when the "Circus Animals" album came out, but I only really started paying attention to it had about 18 as I entered the workforce. It was the fourth of about five studio (original) albums. It wasn't the only musical influence on my early adult life, but I did grow up and start working around the same sort of places as Jimmy Barnes. As an 18 year old angry young man (aren't we all in some way?) this music was talking my language.

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