Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Festival of Circus Animals: When The War Is Over

I've already indicated how I feel about this classic ballad. A plaintive tune about not being able to be nice to the people who are close to you because there is so much shit everywhere. It reminds me of Elvis with "you were always on my mind" and we know how that ended. Sometimes people just need to go off into battle for their loved ones to have a roof over their head; the battle becomes the thing, and you forget where home is.

The song has been covered many times and I think it's because it touches on an existential problem for many of us.

About the Festival of Circus Animals
I was 15 years old when the "Circus Animals" album came out, but I only really started paying attention to it had about 18 as I entered the workforce. It was the fourth of about five studio (original) albums. It wasn't the only musical influence on my early adult life, but I did grow up and start working around the same sort of places as Jimmy Barnes. As an 18 year old angry young man (aren't we all in some way?) this music was talking my language.

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