Monday, March 5, 2018

Winners and Losers: Life is not a competition, but it's a game

A person was saying yesterday that life is not a competition. I think I agree with that but I think they didn't have a complete understanding of the situation.

One of my young friends said "you know I found the only people who say that life is not a competition are the ones who aren't winning at it". Perhaps a little harsh. [Shoutout buddy - a little poetic licence.]

Because there are winners and losers. But life's not a competition, it's a game. And the beauty of the game is that the players get to choose what they wish to be scored on.

The beauty there, is that everybody can be a winner in the game of life. If you choose your scoreboard to be a happy family life and fantastic grandchildren and achieve it, then you're a winner. If you choose your scoreboard to be simply how many dollars you have in the bank when you die, and finish with a large balance, then you're a winner. Who am I to critique your choice of scoreboard?

So life is not a competition, it's a game. And we can all be winners. So if you don't feel like you are winning, then pick another scoreboard.

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  1. Yep, completely agree and am working on a new scoreboard :)